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Glasshouse Kennel, is Lori Frost. CH CardiRidge GH Blond Moments, HCT, HT ROMS, ROMVS, ROMb
(CH CardiRidge Red Hot Lover ex CH Yardican US Designed)
Bred by Marla Gardner, Meri Aalto, and Denise Waiting

A light sable girl came to live with us in 2004. Half Finnish lines mixed with old US lines combined to make Mercy. She's just started her herding career and is loving it. PRA clear, OFA Good hips, normal elbows, DM clear. Queen of the house and all she surveys.
Glasshouse Kennel, is Lori Frost. Yardican IFly, ROMs
(Mandalay's Ulitmately Blue ex Yardican Brit Anica)
bred by Meri Aalto

Abby is a Finnish import of top Finnish, British, Swedish and New Zealand bloodlines. First time out at a puppy match took BOB over 8 and on to a Group 2 win. PRA clear, OFA fair hips and normal elbows, DM clear. Abby has produced wonderfully. She was Brood Bitch of the Year in 2011 and again in 2012, currently having 12 Champions who also have herding, obedience and agility titles and several who are doing therapy/support work.
Glasshouse Kennel, is Lori Frost.

GCH Glasshouse Box Office Bliss HT PT ROMG, ROMVG CAA CA (CH Coedwig's Carbon Blue ex Yardican Ifly)

Katie is my only blue, a definite overachiever and very driven. She finished at 10 months old with 5 majors, and is now titled in herding and lure coursing. She is PRA clear, DM carrier, OFA good hips, normal elbows.

Glasshouse Kennel, is Lori Frost.

CH Glasshouse Bring It All Home  PT CAA (DCH WTCH HTCH Coedwig's Malachite RN  ex CH Cardiridge GH Blond Moments HT HCT)

Tera is a work in progress. She is so busy, so full of life, so ready to do anything. Working on herding and a Grand CH. Lovely red brindle. PRA clear, DM carrier, OFA normal elbows, Good Hips.

Glasshouse Kennel, is Lori Frost.

Glasshouse Interloper, CGC

Scooter: The red and white Cardi that came into our house and changed the dynamics. He lives to make people laugh and is one of the best family dogs I've ever had. Scooter has done agility, herding, obedience, loves to go motocrossing and trick-or-treating. he played tag and hide and go seek with the kids and just loves people in general. Scooter went over the Rainbow Bridge in 2012... we miss him!

Glasshouse Kennel, is Lori Frost. CH Chaps Glasshouse Ante Up, CGC, HSAs, JHD
(Chaps L G Prairie ex Shamrock Shania T Chaps)
Bred by Jacque and Mike Chapman

Russell is a black brindle boy that came into my life in 2003, he's won handily in conformation and is just starting his herding career. PRA clear, OFA hips fair, elbows normal, DM clear. 

Glasshouse Kennel, is Lori Frost. CH Austrax Raise Your Glass, HIC
(Austrax Sequel ex Austrax Naturally)
bred by Kath Williamson, Queensland AU

Australian import, brings back old Baiamul lines. Casper has full dentention, full hearing, PRA clear, and OFA good hips and elbows. A lot of great instinct on stock, but an injury kept him from progressing into competition. 
Glasshouse Kennel, is Lori Frost.

Glasshouse Banana Bender, HIT, CGC
(Castle Butte's Gambling Man ex Castle Butte Lil Bito Bodan) bred by Marilyn & Paul Myers

Pyg was a one and only type of a dog. A little oversize, but beautifully proportioned, he always caught your eye. Bred from top Australian and old US lines, Pyg could work stock or graze with the pet rabbits in the back yard. Deceased in 2002.

Glasshouse Kennel, is Lori Frost. CH Austrax Glasshouse Echo
(Aust CH Jayblue Country Hero ex Bluereserve Upsa Daisy)
Bred by Kath Williamson, Queensland, AU

Echo just happened to become available and I couldn't say no. Old Australian working lines and show lines are behind her. Works stock beautifully, too.