CH Davenitch Archangel Michael, HIC (PRA clear, DM clear, OFA normal elbows, Good hips)Yardican IFly"Surprise" litter of 6 males, 3 females born July 2, 2009. Black & white, red-brown brindle, and black brindles. All DM normal through parents' DNA.
Day 1Girl#1, CH GLASSHOUSE SURPRISE PARTY AT NAPLES (STELLA), Best Puppy at SoCal Specialty, natural herder. At a wonderful home in Cherry Valley CA where she runs a 27 acre ranch and oversees 70 miniature horses.Girl #2, GLASSHOUSE CONTESSA SORPRESA (TESS), half collar, black brindle. At a wonderful home in Marina Del Rey CA
Boy #1, GLASSHOUSE LIFE OF SURPRISES (TUCKER), marked like his sire, red brindle. At a wonderful home in Garden Valley CA.Boy #2, GLASSHOUSE SURPRISE IN THE BLACK BOX (FRODO), half collar, black & white. Shown 1 time and wins 2 points and best puppy, living in Norco CA.Boy #3, GLASSHOUSE SURPRISE PACKAGE (WILLIE), full collar, red brindle. Living in Ventura CA.
Boy #4, (ARTHUR), full collar, red brindle. Likes to play and cuddle. At a wonderful home in Valencia CA.Boy #5, GLASSHOUSE RIPPLE SURPRISE (RIP), wide collar, brown brindle. Living on a ranch in Santa Paula CA ...DeceasedGirl #3, CH GLASSHOUSE SURPRISE BY DESIGN (MISSY), Has her first major, shown going Bred By Exhibitor Group 1 at 9 mths old.
Boy #6, CH GLASSHOUSE SURPRISE SURPRISE (ODD), Best Opposite Sex in Sweeps at SoCal Specialty, shown getting first point at 9 mths.