Spur, CH Coedwig 3C's Indigo JasperAbby, Yardican Ifly ROMsPedigree can be found at http://www.cardiped.net/testmating.php?dam=63397&sire=85367 The "Kitty" litter had 9 puppies born 12/26/2013.
Sadie, Glasshouse 3C The Cat Crept In, 5 monthsUtter, Glasshouse 3C Touch Not The CatChester, Glasshouse Gayles Cheshire Cat
Carbon, Glasshouse What's Up PussycatRerun, Glasshouse Copy CatPenny, Glasshouse 3C Soft Kitty
Sprite, Glasshouse While The Cat's AwayAli, Glasshouse Ali KatTucker